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The Nutrients visualization was born when I became frustrated with sites that rate foods by their nutritional value, such as Calorie Count. Calorie Count is a superb site, but you have to search for each item individually. I wanted to compare all foods at once.

The foods are rated by their health value vs. their calorie count. The legend to the right is interactive -- you can fade or hide items by food group. Right-click on an item for more filter options. You can also search for a specific food, or resize by nutritional element. The data is from the USDA.

The main problem with this visualization, which renders it pretty much meaningless, is that I'm not a nutritionist. I had to come up with a vague formula to judge the healthfulness of a food, but it's not based on any knowledge of nutrition (basically, fat and sugar bad, vitamins good). If any real nutritionist wants to help with this, please contact me!