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Javascript Projects
Federal Contractor Misconduct
Graph of fines of federal contractors over a range of issues from human rights to environment. Data from the Project on Government Oversight.

POGO article

Congress and Contributions
A network graph of the U.S. 113th Congress and each members' top ten donors. Data from Open Secrets
A tool to explore phylogenetic trees. It shows the relationships between genes, nodes and Gene Ontology terms (GO terms) through a graph that can be filtered by several data categories to narrow and highlight data of interest to biologists. Part of the Big Plant project.
- Thesis
- Paper
Need to find a saint against mosquitos? Need one for pigs, hat-makers and Paraguay? That's Saint Blaise. Pick-A-Saint lets you find a saint for your needs, if one exists. There's a saint for coffee house owners and unattractive people if that's what you're looking for. If your results have more than one saint, you can open a visualization to see the patonage/saint connections.
Adoption of GE Crops from 2000 to 2012
A small visualization of genetically engineered crops planted in the U.S., by state. Uses three interactive legends to filter data. Dataset from

Flash Projects
Ecotypes (NYU Project)
A tool to compare mutations in selected genes across subspecies. Options include showing/hiding introns and promoter regions, and hiding subspecies to focus on a few select types.
Protein Associations
built with the Flare Visualization Toolkit
A network graph that summarises relationships between proteins, based on Protein Data Bank data. This visualization highlights proteins related to each other and allows the user to further filter the graph by gene, species and classification.
built with the Flare Visualization Toolkit
A graph summarizing data on more than 4000 different foods. Plotted by calorie and "health" value, the foods can be inspected further using filters and the interactive legend.
Biomap (NYU project)
built with the Flare Visualization Toolkit
Biomaps allows researchers to visually explore a statistical analysis of genes and their characteristics.
Homology (NYU project)
built with the Flare Visualization Toolkit
Graphs the homology between genes of two different species